About this Blog

Welcome to the P&C Technology Blog. This site is dedicated to everyone that wants to gain insight into the Property and Casualty insurance market. We'll dig into what's happening with technology and its impact on the P&C market or we may gossip about industry happenings and events. Regardless of topic, we will keep our discussion lively and on target.

To foster a meaningful and constructive discussion, we follow these guiding principles:

  • We will provide unique, individual perspectives on what's going in the P&C world;
  • We will post comments, except for spam and remarks that are off-topic, denigrating or offensive;
  • We will respect proprietary information and confidentiality; and
  • We will be respectful when disagreeing with others' opinions.
We invite you visit the site regularly to read about what's on the minds of P&C technology leaders and to join in the discussion.

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