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November 25, 2007


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I guess the pony express has some legacy:)

Alex Naddaff

George, I enjoyed your post but I must clarify one point. Most companies in the United States P&C space are still using paper checks. In fact, if I make the mistake of mentioning a check when traveling to other countries people look at me like I am crazy. The majority of payments are made through money transfers and plastic cards in many countries around the world. One possible reason for the reluctance in the United States may be because our post office and check cashing process is actually reliable. The same issue has forced our cellular telephone system to lag behind other countries. I guess the pony express has some legacy:)

Bill Garvey

George, good point. I'm struggling to find an airtight rebuttal to your hypothesis only because I enjoy an argument, but I'm still struggling. The only points I could offer seem lame but here they are... Insurers need to place certain State Required language on checks relative to fraud and stuff like that. Also, how would one include other Payees on an SVC, especially Payees that are not banks?

My arguments, I will admit, do not outweigh the value of your suggestion especially as a younger generation - who rely on plastic more than ever - replaces old people like you and me.

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